Right-winger: Tibi Went Too Far

Roee Nahmias

Right-winger: Tibi Went Too Far

Terror victims organization head Meir Indor says he plans to turn to Attorney General, following MK Ahmad Tibi’s request to foreign guests to ensure their countries press Israel to divert 20 percent of their donations to Israeli Arabs



Head of the Almagor organization for terror victims, Lieutenant Colonel Meir Indor, plans to turn to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, after MK Ahmad Tibi (Hadash-Ta`al ) urged foreign guests to ensure their countries press Israel to divert 20 percent of their donations to Arabs living within Israel’s borders.

“We have reached the conclusion that the activities of the Arab Knesset members, headed by Tibi, are resulting in political subversion,” he said

Indor added that he plans to establish a monitoring committee to supervise the Israel-Arab Supreme Monitoring Committee.

“Due to the weak Israeli central government, there is a need to establish an opposing non-governmental organization (NGO) to fight similar organizations Israeli Arabs have established together with Arab Knesset members,” he said, adding that they coordinate with the Palestinian Authority.

“Ever since the Oslo Accords they have been an extension of the Palestinian Authority and their meetings with state representatives are encouraged by ambassadors of Arab nations and the PLO,” he said. “I know this from information received.”

According to Indor, “in every other regime, and mainly the U.S., parliament members like those (Arab MKs) would be investigated by a congressional committee.”

“I was abroad and explained the problem to the U.S. Jewry,” he said. “I explained the central government’s weakness and the activities of the radical left-wing organizations and Arab groups financed by the E.U.”

“We will act to create an opposite picture to what the dozens of Arab organizations are doing and this is for the good of the Jewish nation,” he said.

Tibi: We Will Not Tolerate Being Badly Treated

Tibi said in response to Indor’s comments that “The Israeli Arab Monitoring Committee and the legitimate representatives of the Arab public have the duty to do all it can to lift the public off the floor on which the government has been systematically trying to keep them.”

“We will not tolerate being badly treated and we won’t keep quiet. We will shout at home and abroad to make sure we obtain our political and social rights and we will be very happy if the government transfers foreign funds to the Arab sector and make our work irrelevant,” Tibi said.

Head of the monitoring committee Shaouki Khatib said the organization he leads was established in 1981 when the Israeli Arab public took on itself the mission to achieve social justice.

“Then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin issued a military decree outlawing the committee,” Khatib said.

“The monitoring committee will continue to work for the good of the Arab minority living with the borders of Israel. I am not touched by these comments and I will not abandon the principles on which the committee was established,” Khatib said.

Research Center: Government Should Adopt Fairer Policy

Reut research center for social issues recently warned of the internationalization of the issues pertaining to Israel’s Arab minority, recommending that the government adopt a fairer policy towards Israeli Arabs.

The center published its recommendations following a session held in the European Parliament to discuss the rights of Israel’s Arab population.

During the meeting, it was decided to follow-up on the issue through various institution within the EU.