Dr. Aryeh Bachrach: Ban-ki Moon Needs a Psychiatric Referral

Dr. Aryeh Bachrach: Ban-ki Moon Needs a Psychiatric Referral

Israel National News


Dr. Ayreh Bachrach, of the Almagor terror victims organization, expressed his amazement at Israel’s response—or rather, apology—to the world for its Operation Protective Edge. In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Bachrach said, “Israel is continually bending its knees and lowering its head before the world’s accusations at its actions, promising that it will look into how such-and-such an event could take place. An instance of this is the bombing of the UNWRA schools in the Gaza Strip.”

“Israel’s explanations of its actions have yet to be accepted or believed by the global community. The responses completely disregard the facts, and show that all explanatory or exculpatory evidence is doomed to failure from the beginning.” he stated. Bachrach said that we need to tell Moon that what worries him or doesn’t worry him in terms of Gaza does not concern us, and that we can “refer him to a psychiatrist who deals with this condition, and who can suggest some anti-anxiety meds, of which there are plenty of out on the market.”

“When missiles were found in UNWRA schools and then returned to Hamas, Ban saw it as a grave situation. He wasn’t worried, he wasn’t anxious—he just saw it as serious. And when IDF soldiers were blown up investigating a terror tunnel located in an UNWRA clinic that was set up with explosives throughout the walls and the rest of the buidling, here, too, Moon was neither worried nor anxious.