Almagor Tells Kadima Ministers to Rebel Against Release

Almagor Tells Kadima Ministers to Rebel Against Release

Israel National News


Director Meir Indor of the Almagor terror victims association asked Kadima members of the cabinet on Monday to lead a voting rebellion against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s decision to release 250 Palestinian Authority (PA) prisoners as a goodwill gesture to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

In a letter to the ministers, Indor wrote, “Olmert is trying, in a frighteningly manipulative way and with personal vengeance, to tie Kadima – under Tzipi Livni’s leadership – to a variety of predictable, extreme decisions to make it fail in the elections. To that end, Olmert is ready to concede security assets, including terrorists caught through great labor and risk to our forces.”

The letter includes a list of 180 Israelis murdered since 2000 by terrorists who have been freed, along with their pictures in a mosaic under the title “Will we never learn?”