Jerusalem Terrorist’s Mother: “Praise Allah He’s a Martyr”

Shimon Cohen; Ari Yashar

Jerusalem Terrorist’s Mother: “Praise Allah He’s a Martyr”

Rioting and family refusal highlight burial of Hamas terrorist, after he “brought honor to family” by murdering baby and 22-year-old.

Israel National News


Family of terrorist Abdelrahman Shaludi (Sliman Khader/Flash90)

The mother of Abdelrahman Shaludi, the Hamas terrorist who last Wednesday murdered three-month-old Chaya Zisel Braun HYD and 22-year-old Karen Mosquera HYD with his car in Jerusalem, is a “martyr” according to his mother.

Shaludi’s family raised a ruckus after police limited the number of attendees at the terrorist’s Sunday night funeral at the feet of the Temple Mount to 20, and had the burial be held late at night.

The steps were taken to avoid violent Arab rioting, which occurred before the funeral in any case, as Arab residents of the Shiloach (Silwan in Arabic) neighborhood where Shaludi hails from clashed with police outside the dead terrorist’s home, as the family then refused to begin the funeral.

In the end, the family and the police agreed to let the funeral take place with a reduced number of participants, and the funeral of the Hamas terrorist was held in the Israeli capital without additional attacks on law enforcement forces.

During the funeral, Shaludi’s mother said she was proud of her son who gave honor to the family when he became a “shahid” (martyr), adding repeatedly “praise to Allah.”

The praise and lionization of the terrorist echoes statements by Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction, which pledged “loyalty” to Shaludi, and PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat who justified the murders Shaludi committed. Likewise, a senior aid to Abbas was quick to praise the terrorist murder of the three-month-old, calling the terrorist a “hero.”

The Almagor terror victims’ organization had protested returning the body of the terrorist, who was shot as he tried to flee the Ammunition Hill light rail station where he plowed his car into a group of pedestrians.

The group pointed out that there are two fallen IDF soldiers, Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul HYD, whose bodies are still being held by Hamas after the last operation, and being used to negotiate the release of hundreds of terrorists.

Meir Indor and Dr. Aryeh Bacharah, heads of Almagor, argued that Israel should have placed a condition on the return of Shaludi’s body, demanding that the bodies of its fallen soldiers be returned in exchange for the body of the Hamas terrorist.

Anger after Rivlin “Compares” Jerusalem Attack to Kfar Kassem

Gil Ronen; Shlomo Pitrikovsky

Anger after Rivlin “Compares” Jerusalem Attack to Kfar Kassem

Terror victims’ group slams president for mentioning Jewish baby’s murder at memorial for Arabs shot in 1956.

Israel National News


Reuven Rivlin (Flash 90)

Terror victims’ organization Almagor is angry at President Reuven Rivlin for invoking the murder of baby Chaya Zisel Braun—who was run over by an Arab terrorist Wednesday—at a memorial ceremony for the Kafr Kassem massacre of 1956.

At the ceremony, Rivlin called for an end to “the cycle of bloodshed.”

“On Wednesday night, I was present at the funeral of a new born baby, just three months old, Haya Zisel, who was cruelly murdered by an Arab terrorist, a resident of East Jerusalem. This abhorrent murder of a child shakes and disgusts all those who have a heart. This murderous act of terror, marks another difficult moment in the painful history of the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy.”

Bereaved fathers Ron Kerman and Aryeh Bachrach, leading activists in Almagor, accused Rivlin of drawing an unjustified parallel between the events.

“There is no comparison between a single act in Kafr Kassem, which occurred many years ago, and the ongoing terror from the Arab side. Nor is there equivalence between the Jewish side, which prosecutes and denounces the isolated acts of revenge, and the support of the Arab leadership for terrorists, whom they call freedom fighters,” the fathers said.

The presidential visit itself was a bad idea, said Kerman and Bachrach.

“It would have been better if this visit never took place,” they added. “No one will think better of Israel because of it. It will serve Palestinian propaganda the world over as a reminder of an isolated incident about 60 years ago, and meanwhile, the Palestinians celebrate the terror acts they have been perpetrating against us ever since Zionism began.”

President Reuven Rivlin spoke at an annual memorial ceremony for the victims of Kafr Kassem, which he called a “serious crime” and a “horrible deed.”

“The Justice Ministry Is Harming Terror Victims”

Benny Toker; Ari Yashar

“The Justice Ministry Is Harming Terror Victims”

Bereaved father of teen murdered by Shalit deal terrorists says ministry refusing to give info on released terrorists.

Israel National News


Terrorist released in 2011 Shalit deal (file; Flash 90)

Yossi Tzur, bereaved father of 17-year-old terror victim Assaf HYD, slammed the Justice Ministry for refusing to share a list of which of the 1,027 terrorists released in the 2011 Gilad Shalit deal have returned to terror.

The topic is particularly pertinent to Yossi, as the terrorists who planned the suicide bombing on a Haifa bus on March 5, 2003 that killed his son Assaf along with 16 other Israelis was freed in the Shalit deal.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, the bereaved father and member of the Almagor terror victim organization’s bereaved parents’ forum said that Almagor intends to hold its third memorial of the Shalit deal next week.

“This day for all of us turned into a day of self-examination, an evening of memory and drawing conclusions from the awful deal,” said Tzur. “We asked the Justice Ministry for orderly information, and to our surprise for over a month they are refusing to give it to us, claiming the request was transferred to the freedom of information committee.”

As victims of terrorists who were released, Tzur argued the ministry under the leadership of Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (Hatnua) should not treat those making the request as private individuals, but as representatives of the Israeli public.

“The Justice Ministry needs to show sensitivity, this angers us; we aren’t regular citizens but rather the victims of crime. For most of the families the day of the release has turned into an awful day—the experience of the terror attack returns to us,” Tzur explained.

Detailing his personal feelings ahead of the memorial of the release, Tzur noted “in my case the three terrorists who were sentenced for the murder of my son were released; don’t I deserve to see this information?”

In response to an inquiry, the Justice Ministry noted its close contact with Almagor before claiming it had not refused the group’s request for information. It confirmed that the office of the director general of the ministry had received the request and passed it to the freedom of information department to deal with the issue in accordance with the law.

The Ministry added that the request includes access to information on a vast number of released prisoners, while promising to handle the request with understanding and sensitivity.

Numerous terrorists released in the Shalit deal have already returned to terror, most notably Ziyad Awad, who murdered police Chief Superintendent Col. Baruch Mizrahi HYD in April while aided by his 18-year-old son Az a-Din.

Yet another terrorist released in the deal was arrested in August after trying to smuggle drugs from Jordan.

There are around 63 terrorists freed in the deal who have been re-arrested; according to reports the terror group Hamas may be on the verge of sealing a terrorist swap deal to have them and hundreds of other jailed terrorists released in exchanged for fallen IDF soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul HYD, as part of the Cairo truce talks.