Terror Victims: How Did Jew Killers Win?

Dorit Siton

Terror Victims: How Did Jew Killers Win?

Relatives of Israelis killed in terror attacks stunned by Hamas election victory. ‘Mother of terrorist who killed my son is Hamas candidate for parliament,’ victim’s father says



Relatives of terror victims across Israel are stunned after finding out Hamas, the group that murdered their loved ones, won the Palestinian Authority elections.

“What do I have to tell Hamas? I can congratulate them, for killing my only son – and winning,” said Sarah Ben Aroya, whose son Shimon was murdered in the suicide bombing in Netanya’s Park Hotel in 2002. “They won. I lost the most precious thing I had…my heart is burned.”

Ben Aroya is not the only one who feels Hamas’ win marks the victory of murderousness over sanity. An emergency session called by “Almagor,” the terror victims association, will be held Thursday evening in Jerusalem to discuss the election win.

Group Chairman Meir Indor said “Hamas’ big win proves to the people in Israel that on the Palestinian side those who kill more Jews are more popular.”

“How foolish was the decision to give them self rule, which is becoming the rule of terror, and more territories that turn into terror centers,” he said. “Whoever continues this way will eventually bring Hizbullah and al-Qaeda here as well.”

‘Israel to Blame’

Shimon Ben Aroya’s widow, Corinne, says she blames the State of Israel for the victory.

“If the State of Israel allows them to butcher us and fool us, and then they (Hamas) take the helm, who are we to complain?” she said.

Corinne added she feels no hatred for the Palestinians, but rather, only for terror groups that continue to kill Israelis.

“An Arab doctor saved my life in the attack, so it’s not true to say I hate Arabs. But our leadership must hit back at them with force. They will only understand force,” she said.

Avi Zana, whose son Ariel was murdered by terrorists, says the mother of the Palestinian who killed his son is a Hamas candidate.

“This woman, who to my regret is still alive, sent her sons to kill and now she’s turning into a politician, freely submits to interviews, and leads the Hamas campaign,” he said.

“We’re sitting and watching from the sidelines. Where are the targeted killings and our power of deterrence?” Zana said. “The politicians are apparently busy with the elections. This is another failure on the part of Israel. It’s also a badge of shame for the Palestinians, who got the Gaza Strip on a silver platter. How did they allow Hamas to run for office?

‘Palestinians Uninterested in Peace’

“We have an Islamic Hamas state, which will be no less radical than Iran, on our southwestern border…I expect the State of Israel not to allow this,” he said. “It’s unthinkable that an organization defined as a terror group will set up a parliament and we’ll sit idly by.”

Yitzhak Maoz, whose daughter Tehila was murdered in a Jerusalem suicide bombing, told Ynet: “When they (Israel) started to Arafat, all the terror attacks started. The Americans don’t want to talk to them, so why should we?”

“The results are allowing us to see who we’re facing, who our partner is, and the fact the Palestinians are uninterested n peace,” he said.”