Terror Victims Seek Representation at the Hague

Terror Victims Seek Representation at the Hague

Israel National News


The Almagor terror victims’ association has hired Attorney Yaakov Rubin, the former head of Israel’s Bar Association, to represent them before the International Court at the Hague during the discussions on Israel’s security fence. Almagor is seeking to be added to the list of organizations testifying before the international court.

If permitted to make its case before the court, attorneys for Almagor will attempt to show that the Hague court has no jurisdiction to judge matters of national self-defense. Failing an outright dismissal of the case, the organization will seek to demonstrate that the fence is the least of all possible evils under international law, in light of current circumstances. Almagor intends to refer to testimony by leading military experts—official and unofficial—to demonstrate that the fence in its current incarnation is critical for the defense of Israeli citizens.

Meir Indor, one of the heads of Almagor, said that while the fence is not the ideal solution to combat terrorism, “we will not let the hypocrisy run wild at the Hague, and we will see to it that other organizations will join us —including Holocaust survivor organizations, which can remind the Court why it was founded in the first place.”