Terror Victims Ask Court to Delay Prisoner Release

Nadav Shragai

Terror Victims Ask Court to Delay Prisoner Release



The Terror Victims Association yesterday asked the High Court of Justice to postpone the government’s planned release of Palestinian prisoners until the state has given the victims detailed information on the identity of those being freed.

The organization wants a list that would include the names of all those slated for release, the crimes of which they were accused or convicted, their sentences (if any), when their crimes were committed, the names of their victims, how long they have been in prison and whether they have ever been granted early release in the past. It asked the court to order the government to give it this information 72 hours before the prisoners are freed, so that victims who feel injured by a particular release can attempt to get the decision reversed, either by appealing to the government or through legal action.

The petition argued that the victims are entitled to this information under the Crime Victims’ Rights Law, which recognizes that a crime victim has a legitimate interest in the criminal’s punishment and therefore is entitled to be heard during discussions on reducing the criminal’s sentence.