Terror Victim Group Blames Livni, Aharonovich for “Price Tags”

Yaakov Levi

Terror Victim Group Blames Livni, Aharonovich for “Price Tags”

Head of Almagor Terror Victims Association says “price tag” incidents are a natural outcome of “ignoring the crimes of the left.”

Israel National News


“Price tag” in Ein Aluza (Flash 90)

If Israel is suffering from a rash of “price tag” attacks, it’s not Jewish youth from Judea and Samaria that are to blame—it’s Foreign Minister Tzippy Livni and Public Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovich who must shoulder the responsibility, said Dr. Aryeh Bachrach, head of the Almagor Bereaved Parents’ Forum.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Bachrach said that Livni and Aharonovich ought not be surprised at the disrespect for the state by alienated youth—because they themselves did not protest when far more important individuals condemned the state and its symbols.

“Of course, it’s a basic tenet of proper education to condemn negative behavior,” he said.

“But those who remained silent when figures like Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz or Professor Moshe Zimmerman called IDF soldiers ‘Nazis’ and ‘baby killers’ should not be surprised when teenagers, just like the honored and revered professors, act in this way,” he continued, referring to two prominent left-wing Israeli academics.

“Those who remained silent when Niso Shacham, the police commander who called to hurt the protestors in Gush Katif was not punished, but given an advancement, should not be surprised when kids vandalize property.” Both Livni and Aharonovich were in the government when these incidents occurred, he pointed out.

“We are tired of the hypocrisy,” said Bachrach. “We are tired of these people deflecting the blame onto the settlers and the youth. You, along with the media, are guilty of the hate crimes that these youths commit.”

“You who ignored the crimes of the left are responsible for the crimes of those on the right,” he added.