Terror Victims’ Families Stage Protest Outside US Consulate

Efrat Forsher

Terror Victims’ Families Stage Protest Outside US Consulate

Bereaved families set up full Passover Seder table outside U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, use photos of 183 people who were killed by terrorists paroled as part of three recent stages of Palestinian prisoners’ release as meal’s “guests.”

Israel Hayom


Pictures of the 183 victims killed in terrorist attacks by Palestinian prisoners recently paroled in the Israel-Palestinian negotiations (photo credit: Contact)

Bereaved families and victims of terrorist attacks staged a mock Passover Seder as part of a demonstration outside the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem on Thursday.

The families and members of the Almagor Terror Victims Association arranged the table with matzot, wine, food, and Seder plates, but instead of people sitting at the chairs there were pictures of the 183 victims of the terrorists freed in the last three stages of Palestinian prisoners’ release by Israel, as part of the ongoing U.S. brokered negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

At the center of the table was a picture of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, whom the bereaved families hold responsible for releasing the terrorists.

“These are the people that will not be at their families’ Passover Seder because they were murdered by the released terrorists. We are here to remind John Kerry, who blamed Israel for the ‘poof’, of the price that was paid by Israeli society for its goodwill gestures to the Palestinians and the false hopes of politicians. Let us remind Kerry that the ‘poof moment’ is done by the murderers with their bullets and not by building a neighborhood in Gilo in Jerusalem,” Almagor Chairman Meir Indor said Thursday.

Almagor is preparing to launch a new campaign next week, calling for the reincarceration of the 80 prisoners paroled during the talks thus far.